Civil Rights Polictial Education

A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

Shooters Committee on Political Education



A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

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1 Fred Thiele Incumbent F Unopposed
2 Nicholas Deegan (D) Challenger Daniel Losquadro Incumbent A
3 Edward Hennessey (D) Challenger Dean Murray Incumbent A
4 Steven Englebright Incumbent F Deborah McKee New Challenger NR
5 Victor Salamone (D) Challenger Alfred Graf Incumbent A
6 Philip Ramos Incumbent F Manuel Troche New Challenger NR
6 Samuel Gonzalez (D) Challenger C
7 Christopher Bodkin (D) Challenger F Andrew Garbarino New Challenger
8 Jesse Safer (D) Challenger F Michael Fitzpatrick Incumbent A
9 Jay Cherlin (D) Challenger F Joseph Saladino Incumbent A
9   Richard Young New Challenger NR
10 Joseph Dujmic (D) Challenger F Chad Lupinacci New Challenger NR
11 Robert Sweeney Incumbent F Rashad Cureton New Challenger NR
12 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Andrew Raia Incumbent A
13 Charles Lavine Incumbent F Louis Imbroto New Challenger A
14 No Dem Challenger No Challenger David McDonough Incumbent A
15 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Michael Montesano Incumbent A
16 Michelle Schimel Incumbent F Richard Stiek New Challenger A
17 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Thomas McKevitt Incumbent F
18 Earlene Hooper Incumbent F Elton McCabe New Challenger A
19 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Edward Ra Incumbent F
20 Harvey Weisenberg Incumbent F David Sussman New Challenger A
21 Jeff Friedman (D) Challenger Brian Curran Incumbent A
22 Unopposed  No oppostition Sean Wright New Challenger A
23 Phillip Goldfeder Incumbent F Unopposed
24 David Welprin Incumbent F Unopposed
25 Jerry Iannece (D) Challenger D William Garifal New Challenger A
25 Nily Rozic (D) Challenger D Abraham Fuchs New Challenger A
26 Edward Braunstein Incumbent F Unopposed
27 Michael Simanowitz Incumbent F Unopposed
28 Andrew Hevesi Incumbent F Unopposed
29 William Scarborough Incumbent F Unopposed
30 Margaret Markey Incumbent F Unopposed
31 Michele Titus Incumbent F Unopposed
32 Vivian Cook Incumbent F Unopposed
32 Rachael Gordon (D) Challenger C
33 Barbara Clark Incumbent F Unopposed
33 Clyde Vanel (D) Challenger C
34 Michael DenDekker Incumbent F Unopposed
35 Jeffrion Aubry Incumbent F Unopposed
36 Aravella Simotas Incumbent F Unopposed
37 Catherine Nolan Incumbent F Unopposed
38 Michael Miller Incumbent A Unopposed
39 Francisco Moya Incumbent F Unopposed
40 Martha Flores-Vazquez (D) Challenger C Philip Gim New Challenger A
40 Ethel Chen (D) Challenger C Sunny Hahn New Challenger A
40 Ronald Kim (D) Challenger C
40 Yen Chou (D) Challenger C
40 John Scandalios (D) Challenger C
40 Myungsuk Lee (D) Challenger C
41 Helene Weinstein Incumbent F Joseph Hayon
42 Rhoda Jacobs Incumbent F Unopposed
42 Rodneyse Bichotte (D) Challenger C
42 Zacary Lareche (D) Challenger C
43 Karim Camara Incumbent F Unopposed
44 James Brennan Incumbent F Unopposed
45 Steven Cymbrowitz Incumbent F Russell Gallo
45 Ben Askelrod (D) Challenger C
46 Alec Brook-Krasny Incumbent F Thomas McCarthy New Challenger A
46 No Dem Challenger Lucretia Regina-Potter New Challenger B
47 William Colton Incumbent F Unopposed
48 Dov Hikind Incumbent F Unopposed
48 Mitchell Tischler (D) Challenger A Unopposed
49 Peter Abbate Incumbent F Unopposed
50 Joseph Lentol Incumbent F Unopposed
51 Felix Ortiz Incumbent F Unopposed
52 Joan Millman Incumbent F Unopposed
53 Vito Lopez Incumbent F Unopposed  
54 Rafael Espinal Incumbent F Unopposed
54 Juan Rodriguez (D) Challenger C Unopposed
55 William Boyland Incumbent F Unopposed
55 Nathan Bradley (D) Challenger C Unopposed
55 Anthony Jones (D) Challenger C Unopposed
55 Christopher Durosinmi (D) Challenger C Unopposed
55 Roy Antoine (D) Challenger C Unopposed
55 Anthony Herbert (D) Challenger C Unopposed
55 David Miller (D) Challenger C Unopposed
56 Annette Robinson Incumbent F Unopposed
57 Olanike Alabi (D) Challenger C Unopposed
57 Walter Mosley III (D) Challenger C Unopposed
57 Martine Guerrier (D) Challenger C Unopposed
58 Nick Perry Incumbent F Unopposed
58 Terry Hinds (D) Challenger C Unopposed
59 Alan Maisel Incumbent F Unopposed
60 Inez Barron Incumbent F Nichole Malliotakis New Challenger A
60 Christopher Banks (D) Challenger C Unopposed
61 Matthew Titone Incumbent F Unopposed
62 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Louis Tobacco Incumbent A
63 Michael Cusick Incumbent F Sam Pirozzolo New Challenger A
64 Sheldon Silver Incumbent F Unopposed
65 Micah Kellner Incumbent F Unopposed
66 Deborah Glcik Incumbent F Unopposed
67 Linda Rosenthal Incumbent F Unopposed
68 Robert Rodriquez Incumbent F Unopposed
69 Daniel O'Donnell Incumbent F Unopposed
70 Keith Wright Incumbent F Unopposed
71 Denny Wright F Unopposed
72 Mayra Linares (D) Challenger D Unopposed
72 Melanie Hidalgo (D) Challenger D Unopposed
72 Gabriela Rosa (D) Challenger D Unopposed
72 Ruben Vargas (D) Challenger D Unopposed
73 Dan Quart Incumbent F Unopposed
74 Brian Kavanagh Incumbent F Unopposed
74 Juan Pagan (D) Challenger C Unopposed
75 Richard Gottfried Incumbent F Unopposed
76 Micah Keller Incumbent F Unopposed
77 Vanessa Gibson Incumbent F Unopposed
77 Anthony Curry (D) Challenger C Unopposed
77 Edwin Figueroa (D) Challenger C Unopposed
78 Jose Rivera Incumbent F Unopposed
78 Ricardo Martinez (D) Challenger C Unopposed
79 Eric Stevenson Incumbent F Unopposed
79 Israel Martinez (D) Challenger C Unopposed
80 Naomi Rivera Incumbent F Unopposed
80 Adam Bermudez (D) Challenger C Unopposed
80 Irene Estrada-Rukaj (D) Challenger C Unopposed
80 Mark Gjonaj (D) Challenger C Unopposed
81 Jefffrey Dinowitz Incumbent F Unopposed
82 Michael Benedetto Incumbent F Unopposed
82 Egidio Sementilli (D) Challenger C Unopposed
83 Carl Heastie F Unopposed
84 Carmen Arroyo Incumbent F Unopposed
84 Maximo Rivera (D) Challenger C Unopposed
84 Charles Serrano (D) Challenger C Unopposed
85 Marco Crespo Incumbent F Unopposed
86 Nelson Castro Incumbent F Unopposed
86 Richard Soto (D) Challenger C Unopposed
87 Luis Sepulveda (D) Challenger C Unopposed
87 Daniel Figueroa III (D) Challenger C Unopposed
88 Amy Paulin Incumbent F Unopposed
89 Gary Pretlow Incumbent F Unopposed
90 Shelley Mayer Incumbent F Unopposed
91 Steven Otis D William Villanova New Challenger A
92 Thomas Abinanti Incumbent F Unopposed
93 David Buchwald (D) Challenger F Bob Castelli Incumbent A
94 Andrew Falk (D) Challenger F Stephen Katz Incumbent A
94 Unopposed  Dario Gristina New Challenger A
95 Sandra Galef Incumbent F Kim Izzarelli New Challenger A
96 Kenneth Zabrowski Incumbent A Unopposed
97 Ellen Jaffee Incumbent F Joseph Gravagna New Challenger A
98 Aron Wieder (D) Challenger F Ann Rabbitt Incumbent A
98 Myrma Kemnitz (D) Challenger F
98 Gerard McQuade (D) Challenger F
99 James  Skoulis (D) Challenger F Colin Schmitt New Challenger A
99 No Dem Challenger Kyle Roddey New Challenger A
100 Aileen Gunther Incumbent A Gary Linton New Challenger A
101 Daniel Carter (D) Challenger F Claudia Tenney New Challenger A
101 Brian Maher New Challenger D
102 James Miller (D) Challenger F Peter Lopez New Challenger A
103 Kevin Cahill Incumbent F Richard Cahill Incumbent A
104 Frank Skartados Incumbent F Christine Bello New Challenger A
104 Ali Mujammad (D) Challenger F New Challenger
105 Paul Curran (D) Challenger F Kieran Michael Lalor New Challenger A
105 Richard Wagner New Challenger A
105 Patrick Manning New Challenger A
106 Didi Barrett Incumbent A David Byrne New Challenger A
107 Cheryl Roberts (D) Challenger D Steven McLaughlin Incumbent A
107 Keith Hammond (D) Challenger D
108 John McDonald III (D) Challenger D
108 Carolyn McLaughlin (D) Challenger D
108 Brian Scavo (D) Challenger D
109 William McCarthy, Jr. (D) Challenger F Ted Danz New Challenger A
109 Mararita Perez (D) Challenger F
109 Patricia Fahy (D) Challenger F
109 Frank Commisso, Jr. (D) Challenger F
109 Christopher Higgins (D) Challenger F
109 Jim Coyne (D) Challenger F
110 Timothy Nichols (D) Challenger F Jennifer Whalen New Challenger A
110 Kevin Frazier (D) Challenger F
110 Phillip Steck (D) Challenger F
110 Joe Landy (D) Challenger F
111 Angelo Santabarbara (D) Challenger F Thomas Quackenbush New Challenger A
112 Michele Draves (D) Challenger F Jim Tedisco Incumbent A
113 Carrie Woerner (D) Challenger F Tony Jordan Incumbent A
114 Dennis Taratino (D) Challenger F Daniel Stec New Challenger
115 Timothy Carpenter (D) Challenger F Janet Duprey Incumbent A
115 Unopposed  David Kimmel New Challenger A
115 Unopposed  Karen Bisso New Challenger A
116 Addie Russell Incumbent F Unopposed
117 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Ken Blankenbush Incumbent A
118 Joseph Chilelli Incumbent F Marc Butler Incumbent A
119 Anthony Brindisi Incumbent A Unopposed
120 Unopposed  No oppostition William Barclay New Challenger A
121 Bill Magee Incumbent A Levi Spires New Challenger A
122 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Clifford Crouch Incumbent A
123 Donna Lupardo Incumbent A Julie Lewis New Challenger A
124 Unopposed  No oppostition Christopher Friend New Challenger A
125 Barbara Lifton Incumbent F Unopposed
126 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Gary Finch Incumbent A
127 Albert Stripe F Donald Miller Incumbent A
128 Sam Roberts Incumbent A John Sharon New Challenger B
129 William Magnarelli Incumbent F Unopposed
130 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Robert Oaks Incumbent A
131 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Brian Kolb Incumbent A
132 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Philip Palmesano Incumbent A
133 Randolph Weaver   F Richard Burke New Challenger B
133 No Dem Challenger Bill Nojay Republican Primary A
134 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Bill Reilich Incumbent A
135 David Koon (D) Challenger F Mark Johns Incumbent A
135 Unopposed  Calvin Frelier New Challenger A
136 Joseph Morelle Incumbent F Unopposed
137 David Gantt Incumbent F Unopposed
137 Jose Cruz (D) Challenger C
137 John Lightfoot (D) Challenger C
138 Harry Bronson Incumbent F Peterson Vazquez New Challenger A
139 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Stephen Hawley Incumbent A
140 Robin Schimminger Incumbent A Charles Gilbert New Challenger A
141 Crystal Peoples Incumbent F Ricky Donovan New Challenger A
142 Michael Kearns Incumbent A Michael Kearns New Challenger A
143 Dennis Gabryszak Incumbent A+ Frank DeCarlo New Challenger A
144 No Dem Challenger No Challenger Jane Corwin Incumbent A
145 Robert Restaino Incumbent F John Ceretto Incumbent A
146 Joanne Schultz (D) Challenger F Raymond Walter Incumbent A
147 Christina Abt (D) Challenger F Daniel Humiston New Challenger C
147 David DiPietro New Challenger A
147 Christopher Lane New Challenger C
147 David Mariacher Republican Primary A
148 Daniel Brown (D) Challenger F Joseph Giglio Incumbent A
149 Joseph Mascia (D) Challenger D  
149 Kevin Gaughan (D) Challenger F  
149 Sean Ryan Incumbent A David Bellissimo New Challenger B
150 Rudy Mueller (D) Challenger F Andrew Goodell Incumbent A




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