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A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

Shooters Committee on Political Education



A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

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Shooters Committee on Political Education



Senator Greg Ball

“We needed solid provisions to keep the violently, mentally ill  from harming our communities, our kids and our  families. That didn’t happen tonight. While much  in this bill, as far as stiffer penalties for 
real criminals and help on the mental health  front is good, the last minute push, in the middle of the night without critical public input  from sportsmen and taxpayers was outrageous and  forced members to vote on a bill they had not  read. While I’m glad we won on many fronts, including my permit privacy legislation against  the Journal News, I simply cannot support a bill  that turns law abiding citizens into criminals by  creating an entire new category of illegal  firearms out of currently legal rifles and hotguns,” said Senator Greg Ball.

The Bad




The Ugly!


Screw Gun Owners

Let em eat cake!


This is a pure power grab by Cuomo, he wants to be the first one to pass a gun ban since Newtown. He will of course get national recognition and high fives from 0bama at the State of the Union address. All to set himself up for the presidential run in 2016.

VOTE after only two hours to review the bill.

The Anti's Rejoice

We (gun owners) did what we could.

The Democrats and Governor Cuomo say to us

Let them eat cake!

SCOPE thanks the thousands of people that have called, emailed and faxed over the past week.

Again the bullying of law abiding citizens continues.

The Governor and company used the US Senate method of closed door meeting and dark of night negotiations to pass his so called "reasonable" gun regulations. All of the calls emails faxes and letters to lawmakers were ignored. The Governor and the down state Democrats might as well have said about the gun owners efforts. Let them eat cake!

How they voted to regulate law abiding gun owners with more restrictions!


43 to 18


How the New York SENATORS VOTED!

Democrat   YES! 1 Ball, Greg Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 2 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 3 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 4 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 5 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 6 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 7 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 8 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 9 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 10 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 11 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 12 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 13 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 14 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 15 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 16 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 17 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 18 Republican NO!
Democrat   YES! 19
Democrat   YES! 20
Democrat   YES! 21
Democrat   YES! 22
Democrat   YES! 23
Democrat   YES! 24
Democrat   YES! 25
Democrat   YES! 26
Democrat   YES! 27
Democrat   YES! 28
Democrat   YES! 29
Democrat   YES! 30
Democrat   YES! 31
Democrat   YES! 32
Republican  YES! 33
Republican  YES! 34
Republican  YES! 35
Republican  YES! 36
Republican  YES! 37
Republican  YES! 38
Republican  YES! 39
Republican  YES! 40
Republican  YES! 41
Republican  YES! 42
Republican  YES! 43

The 2013 Legislative Agenda is online


 All Gun Owners – members of SCOPE and members of SCOPE Affiliated Clubs must continue to keep up the pressure. FLOOD the offices of our Senators with faxes and emails. Make sure they can hear us. More will be coming from SCOPE in the upcoming weeks and months. 

Thanks to all of you that donated you time and effort to make your voice be heard.

National Gun Rights Day January 19th


List of events in New York:

Long Island Bus to Albany

Gun Appreciation Day Buffalo





National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban
SCOPE President Steve Aldstadt has announced
SCOPE Support

for the Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban.

PDF Version

Newspaper publishes names and addresses of Legal Law Abiding Citizens with Pistol Permits.

The Journal News ( published an interactive map with the addresses of all pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties on December 22, 2012: 

Attempted Burglary comes from newspapers actions.



New York Gun Laws Legislative Report

Read what our friend David Codera says @ National gun rights | 



SCOPE President Steve Aldstadt was on WBEN in Buffalo - Hear the interview here!

S.A.F.E. ACT Revealed Poster Here

Print and Hang in your Clubs or anywhere you can.

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Governor Cuomo Threatens Confiscation creates Action Alert from SCOPE urging members to Call - Write and Email Albany .Thousand of people reply many thanks to Tom Bauerle of WBEN in Buffalo. Many thanks to SCOPE members. Keep calling up until the State of the State Address. Then base on what the Governor says, call again. HERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS!


SCOPE acknowledges help spreading this important alert from the following:,,,, and many more.

State of the State begins at 1:30 PM Media everywhere was waiting with baited breath and a tingly leg for a Deal announcement.

No "Deal" was reached means we were successful ! For Now.

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LONG ISLAND FIREARMS GIVES $2000 to SAF. This is the second such contribution from a New York group. Earlier, the Shooters Committee On Political Education (SCOPE) contributed to the SAF legal action effort.>>>MORE

SCOPE comes to the aid of Gun Show Promoters with a $1000 check.>>>>More

Federal Judge rules that Maryland's Pistol Permit scheme is Unconstitutional. Very Similar to

Westchester County Lawsuit >>>More




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