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The proposed bill would prohibit the carrying or possession of concealed firearms in any federal state or municipal park, campground, or other recreational area. The possession of all firearms, rifles, shotguns, and handguns, is currently prohibited in State Parks and Canals.1 This bill appears to be a response to the recent change in Federal law that permits the possession of licensed concealed firearms in National Parks. The sponsors contend that the possession of licensed concealed weapons somehow “represents an unnecessary threat, whether intentional or unintentional, to the health and safety of the citizens…”

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This bill is pointed in the wrong direction. The licensing law should apply in parks in the same manner as any other public space.
There is no evidence that licensed concealed firearms pose any risk to the public.
On the contrary, jurisdictions with the provision for concealed carry tend to enjoy lower rates of violent crime. Many parks are encompass large areas and are thinly policed. It is not unreasonable for individuals to want to enjoy the same level of security they enjoy in their homes.
The possession of licensed concealed weapons in public parks is common in many states.
Effective in February 2010, individuals who are licensed to carry concealed handguns under state law may exercise that right in National Parks located in that state. In addition, 31 states permit licensed concealed carry in their state parks.
There are inadequate provisions for individuals living, working, or traveling within parks.
The proposed bill provides for possession in a residence located within a park but does not provide for transporting a firearm to or from the residence. No provision is made for individuals who transit parkland on public roads nor are there any provisions for individuals who are employed at businesses in private facilities located within the parks.
The prohibition could be applied to public shooting ranges.
The inclusion in the proposed ban of “other publicly dedicated recreation area” could be construed to include publicly owned shooting ranges, either indoor or outdoor, no matter where they are located. This is much too broad a definition.

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About S.C.O.P.E.

The Shooter’s Committee on Political Education was founded in 1965 by a group of firearms owners in western New York.  SCOPE is a civil rights organization focused on the protection and preservation of the right of firearms ownership as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

It does not align itself with any political party nor does it endorse any candidates for elective office.  Our function is to counter assaults on the right of firearms ownership.  This entails providing legislators and executives with timely and accurate information to support sound decisions.

SCOPE's Mission Statement

SCOPE'S Mission:

SCOPE’s purpose is to maintain the right of individuals to own and use firearms for lawful purposes.  Inform members about antigun/gun owner legislation.
Stop antigun/gun owner legislation in New York State. Educate the public on the positive aspects of firearm ownership, and their Second Amendment rights.

What is S.C.O.P.E.

SCOPE is a New York State Not For Profit Volunteer Organization dedicated to the preservation of the Second Amendment Rights for New York Citizens.

SCOPE will oppose, with all its resources, any proposal that is not based on sound technical grounds or that infringes on the rights of firearms owners for the purpose of promoting a political philosophy, advancing a social theory, or as an emotional response and is not based on clear Constitutional grounds.


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