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A1094 & A5844A A. 3292A

This bill has been renamed for 2012 to the

"children's weapon accident prevention act".

You can Read the Actual bill here. "children's weapon accident prevention act".


The theory behind these proposals is that by mandating a regimen of storage procedures for weapons, defined as rifles; shotguns; pistols; and revolvers, there will be a reduction in the firearms deaths and injuries in New York State, particularly those involving children. The specific objectives are the prevention of theft by individuals for use in other crimes, the deterring of spontaneous suicides, and a reduction in accidents. This is built on the premise that a significant number of weapons are currently stored in an unsecured manner and are, in fact, the source of weapons used criminally or negligently.

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This is at best “feel good” legislation, trying to address a problem that doesn’t really exist. The death or injury of a child is indeed a tragic occurrence but the most frequent cause is not going be addressed by this legislation. Individuals who put children at risk are not likely to be deterred by anything in the New York Penal Law.
Should the legislature wish to codify what is, in reality, personal responsibility and common sense, it should be done so in a manner that is consistent with the rights of firearms owners and specifies a level of security that is appropriate to the perceived risk

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About S.C.O.P.E.

The Shooter’s Committee on Political Education was founded in 1965 by a group of firearms owners in western New York.  SCOPE is a civil rights organization focused on the protection and preservation of the right of firearms ownership as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

It does not align itself with any political party nor does it endorse any candidates for elective office.  Our function is to counter assaults on the right of firearms ownership.  This entails providing legislators and executives with timely and accurate information to support sound decisions.

SCOPE's Mission Statement

SCOPE'S Mission:

SCOPE’s purpose is to maintain the right of individuals to own and use firearms for lawful purposes.  Inform members about antigun/gun owner legislation.
Stop antigun/gun owner legislation in New York State. Educate the public on the positive aspects of firearm ownership, and their Second Amendment rights.

What is S.C.O.P.E.

SCOPE is a New York State Not For Profit Volunteer Organization dedicated to the preservation of the Second Amendment Rights for New York Citizens.

SCOPE will oppose, with all its resources, any proposal that is not based on sound technical grounds or that infringes on the rights of firearms owners for the purpose of promoting a political philosophy, advancing a social theory, or as an emotional response and is not based on clear Constitutional grounds.


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