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A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

Shooters Committee on Political Education



A New York Civil Rights Organization Advocating for Second Amendment Rights of New York Gun Owners

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

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Shooters Committee on Political Education

New York Gun Laws Legislative Report for 2013


The 2013 update is being prepared and will be out soon.

Remember that we did get CoBIS repeal in 2012.

  •  Require Universal Background Checks on the Sale of All Guns Our Position
  •  Strengthen Assault Weapons Ban Our Position
  •  Strengthen High Capacity Ammunition Magazine Ban Our Position
  •  Require Microstamping to Help Law Enforcement Solve Gun Crimes. Our Position
  •  Require Gun Licenses to be Renewed Every 5 Years Our Position
  •  Improve Gun Dealer Regulations Our Position
  •  Regulate Ammunition Sales    Our Position                                 
  •  Limit Personal Gun Purchases to One a Month Our Position

Many of these proposals have been longstanding bills in the legislature and have been examined by SCOPE.  You can read our position statements which have not changed..





Provides for reporting convictions for misdemeanor domestic violence offenses to the NICS Index. This legislation should bring New York into compliance with the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (Brady Act) of 1993. This should enable holders of a pistol license who have had a NICS check performed by the licensing officer to purchase a long gun without an additional check. Certification and implementation of that capability remains open. SCOPE had no objection to this bill.


Prohibits the possession of muzzle loading rifles, shotgun or handguns by convicted felons. This started a State Police program bill in 2008 after two incidents in which troopers were shot by felons using muzzleloaders that they legally possessed. Although it consists of only twelve words and a couple of commas and had no real opposition, it took three legislatures to enact this legislation. SCOPE had no objection to this bill.


SCOPE's tracking file has 42 active two-house bills and 64 one-house bills. Excluding the bills signed into law, only 16 have been reported out of committee.


Mandates microstamping capability for semiautomatic pistols. All sportsmen’s and firearms owners’ organizations have strongly opposed this bill. Passed the Assembly, died in the Senate.


Provides for the confidentiality of pistol license information. This bill passed the Senate but was not acted upon by the Assembly. With the impending resignation of Mark Schroeder from the Assembly, a new sponsor will have to be found. We support this bill.


Authorizes individuals 10 years of age to load and fire rifles, shotguns and air guns on ranges under supervision. This bill passed the Senate but was not acted upon by the Assembly. With the small game age at 12 and the DEC proposing to lower the big game age to 12, this change is overdue. We strongly support this bill.

and S3573 (Not same-as bills) –

Eliminates the grandfathering of rifle and pistol magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds. These bills are new this session and are a reaction to the Arizona shooting. We strongly oppose these bills.


Repeals CoBIS. Passed the Senate but not acted upon by the Assembly. We support this bill.
Several bills have been introduced concerning the issuance and proposed renewal of pistol licenses but there has been no action on these or the other “evergreen” firearms bills.

A380/S725 -

would require a five-year renewal. This bill was reported from committee in the Assembly but not voted on. On 10/19, another renewal bill, S5914, was introduced by Senator Espaillat. The justification statement for this bill is much better written than the comparative rant on A380/S725, the “evergreen” renewal bill. Definitely on the watch list.


would require a pre license training class. This bill, should it become active, should include A3337, which would allow unlicensed individuals undergoing training in handling and using handguns. This does not imply support.

The Assembly did not hold their usual gun bill day and appearances by the anti-firearms groups were very limited. Aside from the two bills signed into law, the Assembly only passed four firearms bills, none of which were acted upon by the Senate
The missing player is the Governor. There have been no public statements on the subject and no program bills have been forthcoming. If the Governor were to take a strong on an existing or program bill, he could clearly impact the outcome. As evidenced by his actions on the gay marriage bill, he can clearly apply significant influence and pressure across party lines.

The subjects that would appear most likely to draw gubernatorial attention are:
Pistol license renewal

So far, the Governor’s office is playing close to the vest.



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